Setup the Fabric Interconnects

Both FI’s operate in active/active mode, acting as a cluster. One FI is the primary, and the other FI is the secondary. During failover or planned maintenance they will switch roles. Each FI has its own Management IP Address, and there is one Cluster IP Address. The cluster IP is always assigned to the primary FI.

What information do you need?

  • Cluster IP
  • Primary IP
  • Secondary IP
  • HostName of your FI’s Cluster

The initual setup is easy. Connect a console cable on the first FI and enter the of your cluster, the primary IP and cluster IP (used for out-of-band management). You also enter the username and password.
Start then the second FI. It will automatically join the created cluster because they are interconnected with a 2x 1GbE management plane. Choose join to do this.
You then configure the secondary IP on the other FI.
Your UCS Domain is now ready. Connect to it with your browser or CLI to do the rest of the configuration.



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