Reassigning disks to the nodes

If you are moving external disk shelves that were attached to the original nodes, you need to reassign the disks to the new nodes. You do not need to perform this task if you did not move external disk shelves from the original system to the new one.


  1. On the new node, display the new node system ID by entering the following command at the Maintenance mode prompt: disk show
    *> disk show
    Local System ID: 101268854
  2. Record the new node system ID. 
  3. Reassign the node’s spares, disks belonging to root, and any SFO aggregates by entering the following command: disk reassign -s original_sysid -d new_sysid
    The disk reassign command will reassign only those disks for which original_node_sysid is the current owner.
    The system displays the following message:

    Partner node must not be in Takeover mode during disk reassignment from maintenance mode.
    Serious problems could result!!
    Do not proceed with reassignment if the partner is in takeover mode. Abort reassignment (y/n)? n
    After the node becomes operational, you must perform a takeover and giveback of the HA partner node to ensure disk reassignment is successful.
    Do you want to continue (y/n)? y
  4. Enter y.
    The system displays the following message:

    Disk ownership will be updated on all disks previously belonging to Filer with sysid <sysid>.
    Do you want to continue (y/n)? y
  5. Enter y.
  6. If the node is in the FAS22xx, FAS32xx, FAS62xx, or FAS80xx family, verify that the controller and chassis are configured as ha by entering the following command and observing the output: ha-config show
    The following example shows the output of the ha-config show command:

    *> ha-config show
       Chassis HA configuration: ha
       Controller HA configuration: ha
    FAS22xx, FAS32xx, FAS62xx, and FAS80xx systems record in a PROM whether they are in an HA pair or stand-alone configuration. The state must be the same on all components within the stand-alone system or HA pair.

    If the controller and chassis are not configured as ha, use the ha-config modify controller ha and ha-config modify chassis ha commands to correct the configuration.

  7. Enter the following command at the Maintenance mode prompt: halt
  8. Enter the following command at the boot environment prompt: boot_ontap


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