Networking in ONTAP

Networking in ONTAP can be complicated, but as soon you see the whole picture, it’s easier.

There are physical and logical ports.
Physical are the ‘real’ ports, vlan tagged ports and interface groups.

Each physical port needs to be configured before you can use them.
You have several options you can configure like:

  • VLANs
  • Interface Groups
  • MTU sizes
  • FlowControl

To modify a physical port, just change the part you want

Netapp::*> net port modify                                            [-node] <nodename>                        Node

   [-port] {<netport>|<ifgrp>}               Port

  [ -mtu <integer> ]                         MTU

  [ -autonegotiate-admin {true|false} ]      Auto-Negotiation Administrative

  [ -duplex-admin {auto|half|full} ]         Duplex Mode Administrative

  [ -speed-admin {auto|10|100|1000|10000} ]  Speed Administrative

  [ -flowcontrol-admin {none|receive|send|full} ] Flow Control Administrative

  [ -up-admin {true|false} ]                 *Up Administrative

  [ -autorevert-delay <integer> ]            *Autorevert Delay

  [ -ipspace <IPspace> ]                     IPspace Name

  [ -mtu-admin <integer> ]                   MTU Administrative

Let’s go to part 2.



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