How to remove ownership on foreign disks in clustered Data ONTAP

Perform the following steps:

  1. Find the disks that show the old owner:
    ::> system node run -node <node name> -command "disk show -a"
  2. For each disk with the old owner, run:
    ::> system node run -node <node name> -command "disk assign <disk> -s unowned -f"
  3. Once they are unowned, depending on if the auto assign flag is set, they will either immediately be assigned to the node, or they will be ready to be assigned as normal.

Note: If they had aggregates on them, the foreign aggregate removal procedures will need to be followed. For more information, see article 1013046: How to remove or access a foreign aggregate (an aggregate made out of orphaned disks) in clustered Data ONTAP

To identify all disks that are not owned by the cluster, run the following commands:

  1. Identify the system id of the nodes:
    For a 2 node cluster:
    cluster::> node show  -fields systemid
    node            systemid
    --------------- ----------
    node-01 2222222
    node-02 1111111
    2 entries were displayed.

    For a MetroCluster:
    cluster-siteA::> metrocluster node show -node node-01 -fields ha-partner-systemid,dr-auxiliary-systemid,dr-partner-systemid,node-systemid
    dr-group-id cluster      node            node-systemid ha-partner-systemid dr-partner-systemid dr-auxiliary-systemid
    ----------- ------------ --------------- ------------- ------------------- ------------------- ---------------------
    1           cluster-siteA node-01        111111111     222222222           333333333           444444444

  2. Identify the disks:
    cluster-siteA::> storage disk show -owner-id !111111111 -owner-id !222222222 -owner-id !333333333 -owner-id !444444444 -fields owner-id
    disk   owner-id
    ------ --------
    5.32.8 123456


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