Today I was confronted with an error message when reinserting one of the B-200 M3 blades: WILL_BOOT_FAULT. Considering the error message itself, I was looking for boot issues.
In this case the problem was something different and Cisco Support pointed me to a procedure to fix this error message with a forced firmware sync to the CIMC and reset it.

Open up a SSH session to your UCSM and apply this:

UCS-A # scope server 1/1 (chassis 1 blade 1)

UCS-A /chassis/server # scope boardcontroller

UCS-A /chassis/server/boardcontroller # show image (look for the latest, currently: 11.0)

UCS-A /chassis/server/boardcontroller # activate firmware 11.0 force

UCS-A /chassis/server/boardcontroller* # commit-buffer

Watch the FSM after this, the server will report when it’s done synchronising. There’s a small chance the server will report “OK” after this, but reset the CIMC anyway, just to be sure. Reset the CIMC using this procedure:

UCS-A /chassis/server/boardcontroller # exit

UCS-A /chassis/server # scope CIMC

UCS-A /chassis/server/cimc # reset

UCS-A /chassis/server/cimc* # commit-buffer

(or, if you prefer use the GUI: Server context -> Recover Server -> Reset CIMC)

After a few minutes, your server will be able to boot again.



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