Convert snapmirror to snapvault

Steps Break the data protection mirror relationship by using the snapmirror break command. The relationship is broken and the disaster protection volume becomes a read-write volume. Delete the existing data protection mirror relationship, if one exists, by using the snapmirror delete command. Remove the relationship information from the source SVM by using the snapmirror release command. (This also deletes the Data ONTAP created Snapshot copies from the source volume.) Create a SnapVault relationship between the primary volume and the read-write volume by using the snapmirror create command with the -type XDP parameter. Convert the destination volume from a read-write volume to a SnapVault volume and establish the SnapVault relationship byRead More

Can’t delete a volume as a SnapVault secondary volume

Symptoms When trying to delete a secondary volume from DataFabric Manager (DFM), the following error is reported: C:\>dfm volume delete 12345 Error: Can’t delete volume filername:/volname (12345) as a SnapVault secondary volume. Solution Because this is a secondary volume, use dfbm secondary volume delete against the offending volume, then use dfm volume delete against the offending volume: C:\>dfbm secondary volume delete 12345 C:\>dfm volume delete 12345 This should successfully remove the secondary volume from DFM.